Dakota Family Dentistry

Additional Oral Care

A broken tooth can be very painful. In most cases we can get you in our office for an emergency visit the same day. If it is necessary to extract the tooth we have the service to do that as well.

Teeth Repair & Extractions


Tooth Extraction

When losing the tooth is the only or preferred option, Dr. Van Guilder removes primary and permanent teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth. Those who want to be put out are referred to an oral surgeon.


Socket Bone Grafting

If an implant is being considered for a tooth that needs extraction, we can graft the socket with bone to help healing and to maintain the amount of bone for the implant to be placed.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the nerve of the tooth is infected due to cavity exposure, a breakage of the tooth, crack, or Trauma. Teeth that are more complicated are referred to an endodontist for the best quality of care.


Repairs / Relines for Partials & Dentures

If your denture or partial isn’t fitting quite right, it is becoming loose or something breaks; whether a tooth falls off or a clasp breaks off, please don’t fix it yourself. We work with a full service laboratory to perform all repairs needed and can get most repairs back the same day if you call before 9 am.

The Wand®

Traditional local injections for anesthetic were painful and forceful. The wand makes it possible for us to better control the anesthetics rate of flow, allowing it to be a much less painful experience. This is because much of the pain experienced with local injections is not the needle. The wand takes out the human factor by allowing the computer to slowly administer medication more consistently.


Biolase Waterlase MD

We offer the most cutting edge technology to remove cavity from teeth. The laser uses energized water to remove the cavity without the need to get numb, which provides for faster and more comfortable appointments for fillings. The laser is also more gentle and conservative on teeth than the traditional drill so your teeth will also be happier. There are many other procedures that we use the laser for and it all helps us accomplish better dentistry for you. Patients have noted that having cavities done using laser dentistry is comfortable and they love leaving the office without feeling numb. The laser can be used on all ages of patients and is safe for everyone.

Splints for Clenching & Grinding

Do you notice your teeth are wearing down or that you wake up with headaches from clenching all night long? A hard flat plane splint will protect your enamel from wearing down causing expensive dental work in the future and release the tension in the muscles used in clenching and grinding eliminating the morning headaches.

Emergency Dentistry Visits

Most of the time, we can see patients the same day they call for an emergency visit. Depending on the time available, we may be able to do work that day.

Nitrous Oxide

We offer this for patients who request it and for children. ‘Happy Gas’ can help you relax while getting your dental work completed.

TMJ Evaluations

We work with specialty clinics to help manage TMJ symptoms through physical therapy, habit changes, pharmaceuticals and the use of orthotic devices.